Chinese government plans to build up over 500 general airports and to purchase more than 5,000 general aircraft by 2020. The ambitions plans are plagued by the fact, that due to the development regional aviation market, there is a lack qualified pilots.

In China, there are two different culture systems of training airline pilots and general aviation pilots, however limited resources are mainly used for training civil aviation pilots. "China Aviation Training Forum 2016" will discuss the situation and development trend of China's civil aviation training industry in depth through speech, panel discussion, exhibition, individual B2B session as well as media interview.

Topics of the forum:

  • ‘School Credit Bank’ - Establishment and Promotion of Education and Training Achievement Transfer System and Standard
  • New Normal of China Civil Aviation Market Development Under ‘The Belt and Road’ Initiative
  • International Aviation Training - Win-Win Cooperation Promote the Development of China's Civil Aviation Training Market
  • Facing the Challenges of Training for A New Aircraft Type
  • Reforming Aviation Training Mode, Seeking Mutual Benefit between Civil and General Aviation Training 
  • Human Factor Impact of Flight Safety and the Solution
  • New PAVES Virtual Simulator Enhances Cabin and Maintenance Crew IFE Training Experience
  • Challenges of General Aviation Pilots Supply and Demand Dilemma: Efficient Training System to Provide New Solutions
  • Engineering Training: Establish and Improve the Aviation Security System
  • Civil Aviation English language training to boost efficient operation of aviation industry

More information about the even can be found here.