Chinese Government has enacted a beneficial policy to push forward Chinese Aeronautical Materials industry, therefore many aero engine and wide-body aircraft projects will be launched. In response, more brand new aeronautical materials and process technology will be required to satisfy the strict industry chain.

"Aircraft Interiors Summit" will be committed to advanced aeronautical, aero engine, aviation interior materials, as well as advanced processing technology and the aeronautical materials airworthiness forensics. The attendees will get a better insight into China’s aviation materials industry layout, the development of new materials and the latest materials processing technologies.

Topic of the summit:

  • Airworthiness Certification of Interior Materials and Products;
  • Airspace by Airbus;
  • Seating Revolution: Opportunities and Threats;
  • Aircraft Interiors: Chinese Characteristics & Demands;
  • Innovative Application of 3D Printing in Aircraft Interior Industry;
  • Overhead Stowage Bin Development Trend: Safer, Lighter, Bigger and Green;
  • To Develop Flame Retardance, Comfortability, Safety and Economy Aircraft Interiors.

More information about the even can be found here.