United States Air Force and Oklahoma state and city leaders recently broke ground on the new KC-46A Tanker Sustainment Campus. It is estimated that the 158-acre campus will create 1,300 new jobs for the local community. 

The new jobs created through the project will be enrolled in the Oklahoma Quality Jobs Program. The program was created through legislation passed in 2014 to allow those incentive payments to go back to the city and county on a pro-rated basis to reimburse their investment in this job-producing infrastructure.

“I’m excited about the capabilities it brings to Oklahoma,” said Lt. Gen. Lee Levy II, the Air Force Sustainment Center commander. “But I’m more excited about what it brings to our warfighters, to our Air Force, joint and coalition partners, and to the defense of our nation because, after all, that’s why we’re here.

The successful A-10 mission was the last one required before the tanker program can request approval to acquire 19 KC-46A aircraft.

The KC-46A Pegasus is the first phase of a three-phase effort to replace the Air Force’s aging tanker fleet. It will be able to refuel any fixed-wing receiver capable aircraft on any mission and will provide refueling support to Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps aircraft, as well as aircraft from allied nations. The first KC-46A is slated to arrive in 2018.