Ameco delivered a converted Boeing 757 aircraft to China Postal Airlines that is a new customer for Ameco's conversion business. The aircraft was converted by Ameco's Chengdu Branch.

This is the sixth Boeing 757 aircraft delivered by Ameco Chengdu Branch since 2014 while another three 757s are in the progress in its facility. Ameco Chengdu Branch completed its first conversion in May of 2014 and the product has become one of star products in Ameco.

Besides conversion, Ameco in its Beijing Base supports overhaul of RB211 engines powering Boeing 757 aircraft, with more workload from this engine type in the first four months this year than a year ago. The increasing trend is driven by Chinese air transportation market as well as the new contracts signed last year. RB211s from Chinese freight carriers include SF Airlines, and China Postal Airlines. More business is also secured by Ameco from the international market. For example, Ameco has become a Rolls-Royce approved RB211 repair station to provide service from last year for this engine OEM.

It is reported that the global MRO market business is expected to keep 3.7% annual growth rate in next 10 years while Chinese economy keeps growing in a medium-high speed from 2016 to 2020, which will gear up the domestic civil aviation MRO business development. Under such an environment, Ameco will rapidly release its MRO resources integration advantage, providing competitive service for global customers.