IKHANA Aircraft Services (IKHANA) announced the development of an APU installation for the de Havilland Canada/Viking Air DHC-6 Twin Otter series. Developed for an undisclosed operator to provide supplemental electrical power generation capability in support of special missions payloads, IKHANA now offers the installation as a new enhancement product.

“The electrical power now available is several magnitudes above that generated by the aircraft engines alone and is now a real option for operators needing power to support their missions,” states John Zublin President and CEO of IKHANA Aircraft Services. “The trend with special missions operators and new sensors has always pushed the limits of available electrical power; we see this APU modification as a means to help future ideas develop into real technologies.”

The modification supports installation of compact APU’s generating approximately sixty (60) SHP for electrical power generation or a supplemental bleed air source. Initially developed using a Hamilton-Sundstrand (Solar Turbines) T-62T-40C APU, the installation design is suited for other similar sized APU’s.

Palletized and mounted within a fire containment box in the aft baggage compartment, the modification supports quick configuration changes allowing the APU to be easily removed within a few hours when not required for the mission. The full multimission capabilities of the Twin Otter are retained with the APU removed.