On October 22, 2018, Airbus delivered China Airlines a new A350 XWB, painted in joint livery of both companies – shift from Taiwanese carrier’s previous A350s liveries.

The livery was applied using a complex spray painting process − a departure from the traditional practice of digitally printed aircraft livery. The wide body is scheduled to enter service on October 26, on the Taipei-Hong Kong route.

Infographic: Airbus

The A350-900 in questions is already 14th A350 XWB in China Airlines fleet. According to the carrier, the aircraft is the first “in Taiwan to feature a joint Airbus livery and the only Airbus joint liveried aircraft to feature corporate colors”, according to China Airlines statement.

The previous China Airlines A350s feature bird motived. One of the them features a bird Syrmaticus Mikado (considered a national treasure of Taiwan), while the second (which is also the 100th A350 for Airbus) - Urocissa Caerulea or Taiwan blue magpie, a bird endemic to Taiwan.

A350 XWB entered service in 2015. As of September 2018, Airbus records 890 firm orders of the model, while around 200 aircraft are already operating worldwide, according to the French manufacturer.