With more than 70% of the world’s wide-body business jets in the Middle East, the Dubai Business Aviation Show (MEBAA) was a perfect place for Boeing to present its BBJ777X, the business version of its upcoming 777X.

A little more than half of the planet, this is what Boeing may offer to its lucky customers. Indeed, its new BBJ777-8 should possess an impressive range of 21,570 km (20,370 for the BBJ777-9). It is the longest range ever proposed by a business jet.

But long flights require comfort, which is why the planes offer 302.5 m2 (3,256 square feet) and 342.7 m2 (3,689 square feet) of cabin, enough room to fit the most extravagant commodities.

Boeing Business Jets unveiled the interior design concepts of three companies: Greenpoint Technologies, Jet Aviation and Unique Aircraft Design. "Every concept demonstrates that the BBJ 777X can be transformed, tailored to the tastes of each customer," said Greg Laxton, head of Boeing Business Jets.