Amazing Footage of Planes Landing and Taking Off At Lukla

Rare new footage of a plane taking off at one of the world's most dangerous airports has offered a frightening new perspective on air travel. Cameras attached to the aircraft show the dramatic approach and ascent from Lukla Airport in Nepal. The tense clips were filmed from a Dornier 228, a twin-turboprop utility aircraft. A very common sight at the airstrip located high in the Himalayas. Pilots have to undergo special, rigorous training to be able to land or take off from the airport, which is almost 10,000 feet above sea level.

In the first clip an aircraft can be seen making its way through the clouds over the peaks of the Himalayas - then the tiny runway appears in the distance. The small plane then hurtles towards the runway at great speed - managing to brake and slow down just before reaching the ravine at the end. The second clip demonstrates the same Dornier aircraft taking off.

At just 20 meters wide and 460 meters long, Lukla Airport is terrifying. Ten times shorter than the standard length of an international airport runway and not only that. It is one of the steepest landing descents in the world because of its lofty perch at 9500-ft. In comments below the nerve-wracking YouTube clip, Just Planes reveals: "You cannot abort your takeoff nor go around on final during your landing… I don't know of another (airport) in the world with such tough restrictions."

Since the 1970’s, Lukla airport has had an astonishing number of accidents, now into double figures. The most severe accident to date was the October 2008 crash. An aircraft plummeted on its final approach and caught fire, killing 18 passengers and crew.

Another clip puts another perspective on how short the runway is. Here you can see four planes taking off simultaneously.