Top 10 Viral Aviation Videos Of 2018

Viral videos are flooding the internet faster than anything else. They contain the information that not only makes half of the world population laugh but also might influence the future. Aviation videos are the ones that can give us chills with crashes and also inspire to stand for what we believe and fight for.

Here we present the top 10 aviation videos of 2018.

A screaming woman on Delta flight

The woman who captured the video didn't think it will become viral. And what is more, she had no intentions to harm the screaming lady. But now the lady on the video is forced to leave her job. Apparently, screaming and threatening flight attendant can cost you more than a plane ticket.

"Kiki Challenge"

A viral video made by Alejandra Manriquez took the challenge to the new heights. As she performed the challenge with a moving plane. In the video, she was taking a break from work hours so it was a perfect time for making it.

Some started asking questions how did she make it with a moving plane not sitting in a cockpit? But the pilot solved the mystery and shown another video. The aircraft was taken out from a hanger at that time and this is how it was able to move.

The Wonderboom airplane crash

The viral video was filmed in South Africa when the plane suddenly caught fire and was forced to land. In the video, it is possible to hear how passengers are trying to stay safe in this extreme landing telling others to be sure they are strapped in.

Plane slides from a cliff in Turkey

Pegasus Airline Boeing 737 drifted off the runway in Turkey, Trabzon Airport. Only a few meters from the Black Sea. At first, the video shows the plane from one side and then it changes. What is important, how did the plane managed to stay like this and not to fall into the sea?

Southwest Airlines takes out a woman by force

This is not the first time Southwest Airlines (LUV) dragged out a passenger from their aircraft. The reasons are always different. But the videos always end up on the internet. Back in 2017, a man was taken and after he came back his face was covered in blood. This time they took a pregnant woman who is also an Art professor, because of the arguments about her animal allergy. After that, she was charged with resisting the police and taken to custody.

Swedish student protest on the plane

Elin Ersson protested for what she believes. She stopped the deportation of an Afghan man who was seeking for asylum.

She was filming everything that happened. In the video, some passengers are forcing her to sit down when others encourage. As the law says, the plane can't take off when someone is still standing. And she kept standing until the moment she reached what she fought for. In the interview, she even says that people should start seeing how they destroy the lives of immigrants.

Ryanair flight loses pressure in 27,000 feet

Ryanair Flight FR7312 had an emergency landing in Frankfurt airport on July 13, 2018. After the cabin lost pressure, 33 passengers suffered injuries and were taken to the hospital in Germany.

The destination was scheduled to Zadar, Croatia.

Police helicopter crash

Viral video of the police helicopter that took off and crashed few minutes later. Two passengers were inside and both survived the crash only with minor injuries. What is more important, that it was piloted by a resigned pilot.

Failure with oxygen masks

Southwest Flight 1380 had an emergency landing on April, 2018. When the engine failure started, passengers were forced to put oxygen masks. But what happened next was unexpected. None of the passengers knew how to put the mask correctly. Maybe the lack of attention during the safety demonstration or something else, but thanks to the pilot the plane landed safely.

Window panel comes off in Air India airplane

Panic and stress. Two words that describe the event on April 19th, 2018, in Air India airplane when it hit the turbulence. After the plane landed, three passengers were taken to the hospital with minor injuries that were caused by the falling panels.

Ryanair Racist Passenger Rant On a Ryanair flight from Barcelona to London, an angry passenger was caught on video shouting racist and xenophobic slurs at a woman who was sitting in the same row with him.