Top 5 Aviation Influencers You Should Follow Now

If you turn to social media for inspiration from aviation you should be familiar with Instagram and influencers. The platform is gaining popularity in aviation industry and the content is more valuable than ever. First Officers and captains use this platform to show the life of a pilot from their own perspective.

On the platform many people can ask questions regarding aviation industry and get the answers from the First Officers and Captains. For example, if you dream of becoming a pilot, the tips 'how to do it' will be more valuable if you will ask one directly. And the influencers of aviation industry share their experience with the public. That means if you ever thought about becoming a pilot, the influencers might help you to decide.

Of course, when you are working in aviation industry, the content can be even more interesting. Because we hear about the daily lives of industry professionals and the profession insights but it is more interesting to hear that from the pilot.

These are the top 5 Instagram accounts we picked. They are inspiring not only for travelers but also for industry professionals. Here they are:


Instagram feed of pilot Jonas varies from aviation to lifestyle and fitness. He is also writing a blog with these subjects. His account brings the insights of his life. 


Pilot Ulrich pictures on Instagram are different. But if you enjoy the nature and the bird view from an airplane gives you shivers this account will be a perfect inspiration for you. Pilot is also writing a blog that you can check out here: 


Stylish and well coordinated account of the pilot will inspire you to step up your own Instagram game. 


Female pilots are one of the most followed profession on this platform. Michelle Gooris posts pictures from her daily life. If the account is not enough - check out her YouTube channel. 


One of the most famous female pilots on Instagram with a wonderful feed. The pictures are perfectly matched with colors and the content of travel and life as a pilot. If you are a female who wants to become a pilot, this is the account where you will get a bunch of inspiration.