Top 5 Myths About Private Jets

Private jet travel can improve the entire flight experience in countless ways. While private jet travel may not be an option for many of us, story in USA Today shows us we don’t have to let these myths keep us from exploring private jets service as an option.

Myth One: You need to be rich to fly in a private jet

Myths About Private JetsThe most common myth about private flying is that it is only accessible to the ultra wealthy. Most private planes you see at airports are actually owned by charter services and are used primarily by business people. However, it’s still going to cost you significantly more than a commercial flight.

Myth Two:  If bad weather forces commercial flights to delay, private jets are grounded as well

Myths About Private JetsThis isn’t true. Private jets can land at many more airports than commercial aircraft. “Private jets have the option of waiting it out or choosing an alternate airport,” says Mark H. Lefever, president and chief operating officer of Avjet, a broker and adviser.

Myth Three: Private jets are not as safe as regular airplanes

Private jets are regulated by the same FAA standards as commercial flights and rigorously monitored for maximum security.

Myth Four: You still have to go through security and deal with the TSA

You can forget about security lines if you are flying private. There are no security screenings, no metal detectors, not even a gate. You can drive up in your car and be in the air in no time.

Myth Five: Flying commercial is faster than flying private

Private travel is usually faster. “The fastest passenger jets in the sky are private, depending on the model of jet flown," Lefever says. “Private jets also fly above the commercial airlines and a lot of times the weather and turbulence that they incur.”