5 Aircraft Which Will Revolutionize Travel In The Future

Whenever we hear about a new plane today, the world is not just as excited as it was in the past. Remember the commotion that the first Jumbo Jet, the Boeing 747 created. The First Lady at the time, Pat Nixon, even christened the aircraft called the Queen of the Skies.

Similarly, let‘s reminisce on how Concorde was about to change the skies of aviation and be the first commercial aircraft to go supersonic. While the Boeing 747 promised everyone a chance to fly over the Atlantic, Concorde allowed very important people to cross the Atlantic twice as fast. As much as they are different, they became aviation icons at the time.

And they still are. In contrast, if you were to ask a random person on the street whether he knew anything about the new Boeing or Airbus they would not tell you much. New aircraft today just do not create the same pop culture hysteria that we have seen in the 60s and 70s.

However, there is a lot of new aircraft to be excited about. In spite of them not getting as much attention in mass media, nevertheless we think these are the top 5 new and upcoming aircraft to look forward to.

5. Airbus A330neo

Arrives: Late 2018 – early 2019

The new A330 has made the aviation industry very excited about it. Airbus has delivered a new wide-body jet, which is based on the old A330. With the old version securing almost 1500 orders, you could expect something that you could be proud of writing home about. The already efficient and reliable aircraft was made even better – the A330neo (New Engine Option) promises to deliver a 14% better fuel economy. Combined, Airbus already has secured 242 orders for the A330neo.

Why should You be excited about it? Well, the better fuel economy means lower running costs and a revised cabin promises cheaper tickets and more comfort for every passenger. We cannot wait for more Airbus A330neos to appear in the skies!

4. Embraer E2

Arrives: Mid – Late 2018

Rivaling the Airbus A220, the Brazilian aircraft promises to become the number 1 regional jet in the world. Embraer partnered up with Boeing has managed to create the E2, which promises an impressive 16-24% lower fuel burn rate and 15-25% lower maintenance costs compared to its rivals.

With a new wing, avionic systems and engine configuration the Embraer E2 is indeed set to deliver on its promises. Embraer redesigned the cabin as well. With no middle seats and a possibility for extra privacy for business class passengers, the E2 pledges to create a very comfortable regional jet. And it will revolutionize the way we travel on short, regional routes.

Embraer E2 Aircraft Embraer E2 Aircraft

3. Airbus A350-1000

Arrives: Mid 2018

Airbus’ answer to the Boeing 777X, the European manufacturer is building an even bigger version of the A350-900, which made headlines recently as it was the aircraft chosen for the record-breaking flight between Newark and Singapore.

Promising an even more efficient version of the A350, Airbus is launching the newest version together with Qatar Airways. It will feature a larger and more comfortable cabin. Noise reduction, LED mood lighting and climate controls will make flying the new aircraft a very enjoyable experience.

And competition is never a bad thing – it pushes both companies to put out the best product possible. Hopefully, that is what happened with both the 777X and the A350-1000.

2. Boeing 777X

Arriving: 2020

The newest Boeing on the horizon is set to replace the slowly departing passenger Boeing 747. While its look isn’t as iconic as the 747’s is with its upper deck, we will see more and more 777X’s in the air soon.

Folding wingtips will allow the aircraft to park at tight spaces in airports. That is one of the main advantages of the 777X compared to its main rival, the Airbus A380 superjumbo. With new technologies present and reduced fuel and other costs, the Boeing 777X is destined for success. But with competition as tight as ever, we are yet to see if there is enough market space for another wide-body jet.

Boeing 777X folding wing tips Boeing 777X folding wing tips

1. Boom supersonic

Hands down this is the most exciting aircraft of the 21st century. With promises to bring back commercial supersonic air travel, Boom has gained international recognition in media all around the world.

Boom promises a New York – London flight in 3 hours 15 minutes. Routes from the U.S. across the Pacific Ocean would require a refueling stop, but the company promises to reduce travel times significantly between the United States and countries such as Japan and Australia.

But there is a lot of skepticism surrounding the aircraft. Due to the fact that supersonic transport consumes a lot of fuel and can seat fewer passengers. The profitability of routes is very questionable. However, Boom Technology, the company behind the idea claims that there is a market for supersonic transport and that ticket prices will not be as expensive as Concorde’s. Another issue is the sonic boom that trails supersonic aircraft. This is the reason why many countries have banned Concorde flying over their territories.

Yet we are very excited about the future of this aircraft. If supersonic transport can return to the skies, it will once again revolutionize the aviation market.

And hopefully, it will never go away.

Boom supersonic jet Boom supersonic jet