Heroic Flight Attendant Helps to Land Plane

A heroic flight attendant helped steer an aircraft to safety after the co-pilot passed out in the middle of a flight. Almost 200 passengers were on board. The brave cabin crew member was called into action when the co-pilot felt faint after his blood pressure suddenly dropped.

The co-pilot had just left the bathroom when he announced that he felt unwell and had to lie down in the front galley. A doctor onboard the aircraft responded and diagnosed the co-pilot as having extremely low blood pressure. Despite the co-pilot remaining conscious, the pilot decided to land the plane without him. He asked a member of the cabin crew for assistance. 

Heroic Flight Attendant helps to land plane TUIfly

A TUIfly plane traveling from Hannover to Mallorca was in French airspace when it got into trouble on October 11 last year. The information about the incident has just been made public after the German Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accident Investigation (BfU) finished its investigation into the case.

While pilots are trained and authorised to land aircraft solo, they can ask for assistance from others on board if needed. The report said the stewardess on the German flight helped perform pre-landing safety checks.

“The crew acted exemplarily during the incident.” TUI Fly spokesman Jan Hillrichs said, as cited by the dpa news agency. The stewardess that came to the aid of the unconscious co-pilot had actually trained as a flight security expert, Hillrichs said. He added that she would be rewarded for her actions.

BfU spokesman Germout Freitag said that the agency had conducted a “full investigation” and assessed the actions of the crew. Concluding that the flight’s security “was by no means diminished” during the incident.

The co-pilot was transferred to a local hospital where no serious issues were found. The plane, which was carrying 195 passengers and crew, landed safely in Spain.