Video Shows Five-Tonne Airbus Jet Engine Being Changed

A new behind-the-scenes video released by Virgin Atlantic now shows just how much work goes into changing one of those engines on one of the largest aircrafts in the world - the Airbus A340-600. The time lapse video was filmed across a 24 hour period at the airline’s London Heathrow hangar.

Airbus Jet Engine Being Changed Airbus Jet Engine Being Changed  

The hangar is 65,636 square feet and is home to hundreds of the airline’s engineers, who carry out skilled maintenance work, checks and repairs on aircraft.

The two minute video shows a team of six engineers from the airline working for hours to carefully remove one Rolls-Royce Trent 500 engine from the wing of an Airbus A340-600 in a hangar at London Heathrow before installing a fresh one. Jet engines are required to undergo routine maintenance after flying for a certain number of hours.

The engine itself boasts some very impressive specs. For example, the high-pressure turbine blades in its core each generate around 900 horsepower - equivalent to the power of an F1 car. The force of the fan blades are equally as impressive. At take-off, it's equivalent to almost 1000 tonnes. The same as a freight train hanging from each blade.

Phil Maher, executive vice president of operations at the airline, said the video was just a taste of the different jobs engineers carry out at the carrier’s 65,636 square foot hangar at the west London airport.

“When you think of Virgin Atlantic and the people who work here, more often than not, our famous cabin crew and pilots spring to mind,” he said. “However, there’s an entire team of skilled people working constantly behind the scenes to ensure that thousands of our customers enjoy safe, reliable flights every day.”

The Virgin Atlantic plane then flew to New York later that day.