Video Shows Plane Struggling to Land During Hurricane Ophelia

If you're someone that freaks out over the slightest bit of turbulence during a flight then this video might not be for you. More than 130 flights have been cancelled in Ireland's capital due to the incredibly strong winds sweeping across the land due to Hurricane Ophelia.

A passenger plane was filmed rocking and swaying when it came in to land while being smashed by the 90mph winds of Hurricane Ophelia. The plane was landing at Dublin Airport and the pilot had to skilfully negotiate their way through the storm which has already killed three people in Ireland. Aer Lingus Flight EI491 had left Faro, Portugal, when the pilot got caught up in the ferocious gales which has left thousands of people without power in their homes. Terrifying video footage shows the plane swaying from side to side as it approaches the runway on Monday afternoon.

The airport has just issued a statement offering passengers up-to-date information with regards which airlines have cancelled flights going to and from the Irish capital. Aer Lingus cancelled all flights from Cork today. The storm is expected to weaken further as it travels towards Ireland and the UK.

But there have been several flights needing to be diverted after smoke smells were reported on board. An easyJet spokeswoman has told the Guardian: "EasyJet can confirm that four of its flights flying in the west of the UK have reported smoke smells in the cockpit today, believed to be linked to atmospheric circumstances due to storm Ophelia."

Three people have been killed so far as parts of Ireland and the UK continue to be absolutely pummelled by the hurricane. Two were killed in separate circumstances after trees fell on their vehicles, while a man died in a chainsaw incident while it's believed he was trying to remove a felled tree.