Dancing Airport Employee Entertains Travelers on Tarmac

When you drag yourself from bed to catch an early flight, or if you’ve been waiting for hours just to fly home, the airport can be the last place you want to be. But Rochester resident Kyran Ashford is here to change that. As an operations agent at the Greater Rochester International Airport, Ashford wants to make the airport experience as fun as possible for customers.

A video captured the moment Kyran Ashford put on a dance show from the airport tarmac for a departing flight. He has worked as an operations agent at the Greater Rochester International Airport in the US for five years and has become well-known throughout the region for his entertainment skills. Country singer Terry McBride caught sight of Ashford dancing on the tarmac before a flight to Nashville and filmed the funny moment.

“So this just happened out my window as I was leaving New York headed back home to Nashville,” McBride wrote in the caption to the video. “This guy rocks!” According to the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, he often sings and dances for passengers. If travelers are lucky, they may even hear him say a rhyme while reading out flight and boarding details.

“If I can just make somebody, at least one person, smile and turn their day around, then I am good,” Ashford told the newspaper. “I did my job.”

McBride’s video of Ashford has since gone viral, receiving more than 6 million views and 84,000 likes on Facebook. Thanks to social media, it seems Ashford is spreading positivity well past the confines of his airport.

“Wherever you are in life, just grab a positive message out of it,” Ashford told the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle. “It doesn’t matter where you’re working. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing. You’re in control of your day. That’s the mindset I have working out there… Whatever I can do to turn my day around will show others they can turn their day around as well and keep a smile on your face.”