Xiamen Airlines Flight Attendant Falls Out of Plane

This is the shocking moment when flight attendant fell through a gap between the loading stairs and the cabin door after landing at Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport in central China. Video clip emerged showing the flight attendant dangerously hanging at the rear cabin door before falling off onto the tarmac. It's been confirmed by doctors that the crew member suffered spine compression fractures.

A flight attendant who fractured a bone in her chest after falling from a stationary aircraft in Henan province is expected to be discharged from the hospital within a week, her employer, Xiamen Airlines, said on Saturday.

The accident was captured on surveillance cameras and the footage was uploaded to the Chinese microblogging service Weibo. The film shows a food trolley sliding out of the door, followed by the unfortunate attendant.

The injured woman was sent to the hospital and underwent surgery on Friday night. According to the airline, she is in stable condition and did not sustain any permanent damage. Doctors were quoted as saying that she would have to stay in hospital for about a week, but that she had not suffered any permanent damage. The company said that an investigation was under way, but that it was treating the fall as an accident.

The case was the second of its kind in less than a month. On October 23, a flight attendant with China Eastern Airlines (CIAH) (CEA) suffered bone fractures and bruises after falling from the rear door of a stationary aircraft at Shenzhen airport. She was apparently trying to close the door as the plane was preparing to take off.