Teddy Bear Flies Over 200 Miles Back To Owner

We all had that stuffed animal growing up that we considered to be our best friend. If you ever lost your "Teddy" as a kid, you probably can relate to 4-year-old Summer of Orkney, Scotland. The girl's mother, Donna, "panicked" when they realized the bear was missing after their flight.

Donna contacted the airport’s lost property office and discovered they had picked up the soft toy, but faced a £50 charge to have it posted back their home on the West Mainland part of the archipelago.

Summer has had Teddy since the day she was born so the mother took to Facebook, posting a plea in a local group for help with locating Teddy. That's where Loganair cabin crew member Kirsty Walter heard about the incident, offering to help.

Teddy Bear Flies Over 200 Miles

Loganair cabin crew member, Kirsty Walter, spotted the post on Facebook and asked her colleagues to look for the bear in lost property. Fortunately they found the teddy and it was then flown over 200 miles to be reunited with Summer in Kirkwall. On its flight home, the bear was given its own seat and was given a tour of the flight deck.

Kay Ryan, commercial director at Loganair Onboard, said: “It was wonderful to see Teddy back in the company of Summer and we’re pleased to have played a role.” Donna thanked the cabin crew, adding: “Loganair have been fantastic and totally got what this was all about.”

“A little girl of four had lost her teddy at the airport and he was found but we couldn’t get him back without paying an extortionate amount of £50 and Loganair had seen this and stepped in to save the day.”