Dangerous airbus landing at Birmingham airport. Have you seen Airbus A320 crosswind landing video? If  not, you must watch it!  This Monarch A320-214 had a lot of complication getting down safely on runway at Birmingham International Airport BHX/EGBB runway fifteen.

First of all, he seemed to misjudge the flare, it turns out the pilot overrated the weight of the aircraft for the speed he was going. He then brings it down, but then appears to hit wind shear and ends up touching down on one wheel. After rebounding back up, he makes the decision to get the Airbus A320 down on the ground instead of a go around. Finally, half way down the runway, and way off centreline, he brings it down. Slamming on the brakes and applying full reverse thrust, he eventually manages to stop well. Worth to see!

By the way, don't miss a chance to see another plane crosswind landing!