Emirates airline took delivery of the first Airbus A380 wide-body aircraft, registered as A6-EVN, featuring its new signature Premium Economy Cabin for ultra-long-haul operations. 

The new configuration was designed to seal off the Economy class passengers not with a curtain, as it was customary, but was built as a separate cabin with its own lavatories as well as a specially dedicated cabin crew.

Earlier in 2018, Tim Clark, the President of the Emirates airline, stated that the main goal of a Premium Economy was for people to move forward from economy class, rather than trickle down from business class.

While Emirates' Premium Economy is a highly anticipated product, it will enter into a market that was much different when it was first announced.

The launch of the new product was rescheduled multiple times. The company initially planned to introduce the much-anticipated cabin configuration on its Boeing 777X in June 2020. However, due to the delay on the aircraft, which struggled to get the ground running on its certification program, Emirates decided to push the introduction a bit further and launch the Premium Economy on its freshly delivered Airbus A380.

Emirates and the Airbus A380 seem inseparable at the moment. While other airlines are retiring their double-deckers, Emirates remains a firm believer. However, it was not always the case.