Patrick Pawelczak
Commercial Pilot and Cargo Charter Consultant

For his dedication to the aviation industry and commitment to the people of industry, both during the pandemic and the current recovery.

Commercial pilot and cargo charter consultant Patrick Pawelczak shot to aviation fame after publishing a LinkedIn post in early 2021 showing how his work uniform had changed from pilot to Amazon delivery man to construction worker. A pilot for Slovakian carrier Go2Sky before the pandemic, he was made redundant in 2020 and sought work in other sectors as he waited for the aviation industry to bounce back. 

At the time of writing, his post has received over 450 thousand reactions and has earned tens of millions of impressions. His viral post was reported on far and wide, highlighting the plight of the thousands of pilots who faced closed borders and grounded fleets during the pandemic. 

In recognition of their dedication to the aviation industry and for their efforts in supporting and promoting our people, our industry and for encouraging the next generation, the AeroTime Global Executive Committee appoints Patrick Pawelczak