Pilot Amireh
Captain, EASA TRE/TRI, Ground Instructor, and Aviation Influencer
Airbus A320/A330/A340/A350

For his dedication and commitment to promote and inspire people in the aviation industry, in particular the next generation of pilots, in training or aspiring to a career in the industry.

Pilot Amireh, is an experienced A350 wide-body passenger jet pilot with over 12,000 flight hours.  He pilots the A320 and A350 jets and is also a Type Rating Instructor, Examiner and Theoretic Knowledge Instructor.

Pilot Amireh is also a social media influencer, with an audience just shy of 1,000,000 followers. Through his online work he shares his passion for aviation and he aims to inspire younger generations of pilots and aviation enthusiasts to accomplish their goals and establish strong careers in the industry.  

In recognition of their dedication to the aviation industry and for their efforts in supporting and promoting our people, our industry and for encouraging the next generation, the AeroTime Global Executive Committee appoints Pilot Amireh